Looking for a snack or appetizer option? I’ve got one for you.


Dark Rye Crackers
Beets (boiled, peeled, sliced)
Goat Cheese




I don’t know if it gets much easier than this.
I went to the wet market across the street from my condo in the Toa Payoh area, in Singapore.

The wet market is exactly that, the floor is wet because you’re surrounded by stalls of fresh fresh produce, seafood and meat in an open market area. They have buckets and hoses everywhere to keep the outdoor floors clean.

Here is where I picked up a small piece of salmon. I went home, sprinkled fine salt and fresh ground pepper. I know it’s fresh, because I grind it myself!
Then I push it into the oven, and about 20 min. later, out comes a deliciously moist piece of salmon.

I randomly throw together penne, pesto, salsa and bocconcini cheese together to serve with the salmon.

I love it when cooking is easy.

Over and out,

…makes for a good breakfast.

Over and out,

What is this lovely layer of food you ask?

Take a slice of rye bed
+ spread of basil pesto
+ slice of tomato
+ slices of avocado
+ thick slice of bocconcini cheese

That’s the recipe. Please enjoy!

Over and out,

Yes, what an awesome concept from the creator of 101 Cookbooks.

My version of chickpea hot pot was inspired by this post.
Chickpea Hot Pot by 101 Cookbooks

I put my own spin on it with what I had available. I’ve lately been on a mission to use apple cider vinegar in my cooking, and this was another chance to do that.

The ingredients I put into the hotpot:
– chopped onions
– chickpeas (in water)
– water brought to a boil
– australian spinach
– organic bhutan mushrooms
– splashes of apple cider vinegar

It proved to be a bowl of comfort that I will make regularly now. Hurrah!


I haven’t met a person that doesn’t like pesto, yet.
I’m guilty of loving pesto, a bit too much. I was lucky enough to have friends and family who would bring me homemade pesto back in Vancouver. Not so lucky in Singapore now.

However, I have found some great organic grocery stores that supply some decently fresh and tasty basil pesto. I mixed that together with spaghetti noodles and some fresh chopped tomatoes. It seemed almost too easy for such a yummy dish!

Taa daa, pesto pasta!


I’ve seen this made in some restaurants, mostly veg/vegan type of restaurants. It is a simple soup, and it makes me happy.

I boil water, I toss in a few slices of ginger, chopped carrot, white radish, melon. All with the skin still on.
I let it boil and then simmer for about 45 min. Presto.

Simple soup and simply vegetarian.


I had chickpeas, I had kidney beans, I had tomatoes.

I threw that all in with quinoa and a bit of olive oil, lemon, fresh sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Light and scrumptious!

Signing Off,

Success, fantastic and satisfying success!

I’ve eaten dosa lovingly for so long and I can finally make it for myself at home.

It’s a long process but an easy one that just involves a lot of waiting.
There is soaking, there is grinding, there is fermenting and there is frying.
It’s a lot of fun with a nourishing and delicious result!

Pictured above is my very first attempt at making ghee dosa. I served it with cilantro chutney and cucumber slices on the side. A recipe post will be coming right up!


Spinach is sweet, pungent and cooling. There are many great benefits for those that can use its properties.

I’m not quite certain that I need to even post this recipe, it’s so straightforward. Of course, you can add ingredients and create a soup with more depth if you like.

one pot

1 bunch spinach
1-2 slices ginger

Boil a pot of water. Slice ginger, wash spinach. Once brought to a boil, add the ginger slice(s). Then add the spinach. Boil for a minute or two. Turn down heat and let simmer for a few min.
Yup, that is all.


Here is a more complicated but very rewarding spinach soup recipe if your body craves extra ingredients.



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