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Thank you kindly for visiting, and if you’re reading this, that means you’re reading my very first post.


I’m a bit nervous for two reasons:
1) This is my first time using wordpress
2) I’m fully committed to making this blog useful for people just like me, who are trying to cook every day at home. I hope someone finds it useful!

Since you were kind enough to click from somewhere and land on my blog, I’d like to share the reasons why I felt compelled to create this blog:

I want to seek the ingredients that are right for my body (not just follow the latest diet craze)
I don’t want to lose weight nor am I concerned with appearance…what I want is to feel good!
I want what’s right for my digestive system and understand how food affects it
I want to research food suppliers, farms, grocers and other means of grocery shopping ethically
I don’t want to waste food, I want to be smart with how I purchase & use ingredients. It’s tough shopping for portions for two people only!
I want to understand the science behind cooking
I want to grow as many ingredients myself, even though I don’t currently have a backyard (oh, the condo life!)

Follow me on my journey to become the cook that I aspire to be. Hopefully I’ll get there someday, by cooking every day!




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