There used to be a Russian & Ukrainian restaurant right next to the Heritage Hall on Main & 15th in Vancouver. It used to be in the same spot as the current Five Point Pub & Restaurant on 3124 Main St., Vancouver, BC V5T 3G7, Canada. To any Vancouverites – did you ever eat at this restaurant and do you know what happened to it and the owners? I would love you to death if you can connect the dots for me!!

This Russian & Ukrainian Restaurant was my favourite spot to go to in Vancouver with my parents and older bro & sis. It was our spot. The owners, an elderly Russian couple, ran the restaurant. They knew us by name! The husband would bake fresh bread in the kitchen. The wife, well, we went there for her delectable perogies. The borscht soup was also one of our top choices, topped with a dollop of sour cream. They had two daughters that would help out as servers.

Then there was that time that one of the daughters went diving and caught some fresh crab and we were served an off-menu dish that evening. We felt special and like part of their family whenever we dined there.

As I grew older into my late teens & early 20s, our family dining time became fewer and farther between and thus our visits to this restaurant started to decline. I found myself, in my mid 20s, absolutely craving the perogies one day. I grabbed a friend of mine and told her that she was about to have THE BEST perogies of her life and we headed to the Russian & Ukrainian restaurant. Then I got one of the most disappointing news of my life. The restaurant had closed down.

I didn’t even get to say farewell to the owners and their daughters. I didn’t get to find out where they were going next, what their plans were, if they were relocating, or if they were just removing their wonderful food away from the public. I didn’t get to cherish the food one last time.

I still think about that restaurant, that family. I still can taste the fresh bread and the hearty borscht and my favorite and most missed dish – THE BEST PEROGIES OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I have never been able to find any perogy that tasted anywhere near the awesome-ness of how this family made a perogy. I miss it dearly.

That all being said, Leo makes pretty good borscht, especially when he pairs it with a grilled cheese sandwich. ❤




Signing Off,