For the last year or so, I’ve really been enjoying lotus root. I wasn’t strongly introduced to this ingredient when I was younger, or perhaps I ignored it not knowing the goodness that it is.
Since I’m so fond of it now, I have been meaning to try it out for myself in the kitchen. That made me realize, I have no idea what lotus root looks like, whole. So, how do I pick it out at the market? Add to that, how do I explain what I’m looking for to Singaporeans at the market that speak broken English or no English at all sometimes? I de-prioritized the need to cook with lotus root as a result. Yes, I do realize that I could have just looked up a picture of it, but my brain just did not go that way for some reason, it opted for de-prioritizing.

Then, I was visiting one of my usual wet market vendors today and alas, a half cut lotus root. I could see the inside and identified it easily. Hurrah!

I asked the vendor to cut me about 2 inches and I went home and successfully made two dishes. One noodle soup with lotus root, mushrooms, carrot and eggplant for lunch. Then for dinner (pictured below), a fried dry noodle dish version with preserved veg to add a pack of flavour. To round out my meal, I had made fish congee as well.

All I did with the lotus root was lightly skillet fry it with ginger slices and sesame oil.

I haven’t been cooking as frequently as normal since the volume of work at my job has been so high and hasn’t left me much time. The success I had with lotus root today almost made up for it, almost!