If you’ve never had a Chavocado you need to make one right now.
If you’re too lazy to make one but also lucky enough to live in my hometown of Vancouver, then you need to head to Sweet Cherubim and taste in the delight that is the Chavocado.

This could be added to my most favorite-est meal, ever. So I had to re-create it at home.

Skillet or pan

Avocado, 1 sliced
Tomato, off the vine, 1 sliced
Sprouts, sunflower sprouts shown in the picture
Organic Cheese, your preference!

Warm up the skillet on low heat. Place the chapati on the skillet and let it get warm for 2-3 min.
Layer on the cheese, tomato, avocado, and sprouts.
Fold the chapati closed and keep in place with a toothpick.
Let the cheese melt.
Remove the toothpick and flip over to warm up the other side a bit.

Chavocado goodness.
Sweet Cherubim adds a couple more ingredients including a tasty dressing. I’ve yet to figure out a dressing to add to my homemade version, but it tastes fine without, so I’m happy for now. If you have suggestions, let me know!