Good day!

Here’s my latest random experiment that I get to put straight into the Recipe section, huzzah! As part of my effort in inserting more alkaline-producing type of foods in my body, I noticed that I don’t eat much from the gourds/melons/squash category.

So I picked up one butternut squash, which made me realize I have never purchased squash in my life and had never quite noticed what form it comes in. Oh, and the many forms of squash there are!

Best part, it’s alkaline-producing and scrumptious!

1 skillet
I hope you have an oven!

1 squash
olive oil

Set the oven to 300.
I halved the squash and gutted the inside.

Then I cut them into large bite sized pieces, leaving the skin on, and placed all the bites in a skillet.
I drizzled olive oil and dashed some rosemary & thyme on top.
Next, I popped the skillet in the oven. About 15-20min. later the squash was soft throughout and ready to come out.

This squash was so tasty, I had it as a side dish with….something that I can’t remember now, but it’s a great side nonetheless!

Skillet Oven-Roasted Squash – complete!