I was on Facebook and saw my favorite seafood shop put up a wall post about fresh lobster, and that’s how I decided on lunch.
Visit F.I.S.H. on Facebook, or at their location on #180 – 7515 Market Xing, Burnaby, BC, V6J 0A3.

*recipe for baby bok choy seen in picture above can be found here: soy spicy baby bok choy

– 2 lobsters (I asked the seafood shop to prepare it for me, so I just went home with 2 lobster tails and 4 claws)
– butter
– bay leaf

– 1 wok
– 1 wok cover
– 1 wok stand
– 1 metal steamer stand
– 1 medium dish (to hold lobster & can fit in wok)
– 1 small saucer/pot
*if you have an alternative steaming method, feel free to use that!

I purchased 2 lobsters from the seafood shop. They prepared the lobster for me, meaning they did the chopping and just packed up the tails & claws for me.

Fill up the wok with water. Turn heat on high to bring the water to a boil.
Take lobster tails and stick a skewer through, to prevent them from curling during the steaming process. (I used a chopstick in the pictures, no skewers at home).
Place lobster tails in a medium dish and place on the stand. Cover. Steam for 8 minutes.

You will know that the lobster is ready when the lobster meat is white.

Now, remove the lobster tails from the wok, and repeat the steaming process with the lobster claws. Steam the tail for 8-10 minutes.

In the meantime, take a saucer or small pot. Heat up the butter on low, and add one or two bay leafs for extra delicious flavour. This will be dipping for the lobster.

Now, you just have to take the lobster out of the shell.
For the tails, I just used kitchen scissors and cut the shell away.
But for the claws, the shell is really thick….so….we used a HAMMER! We will have to get proper tools before we make lobster next time. LOL.

Steamed Lobster COMPLETE!
I love how simple seafood is to make.