I grew up eating bok choy, so I tend to cook this regularly. I never had it this way growing up, I just decided to add some heat to it, since my mom’s tastebuds repel any kind of spice so I never grew up eating spicy food.

As usual, it’s oh so simple to make.

– baby bok choy
– soy sauce, light, 1 teaspoon
– red chilli flakes, add according to desired spice level

– 1 pot

Wash the baby bok choy.
Heat up the pot on medium. Add a little bit of cooking oil if needed.
Throw in the baby bok choy and cook for 5 min, or until it starts to soften a bit.

Add in the soy sauce and the red chilli flakes. Cook for another 5 min.
Here are the type of chilli flakes that I use:

Ok, you’re done!

Soy Spicy Baby Bok Choy, COMPLETE!
Now you’ll have an easy peasy side vegetable dish to make whenever you need it!