Sometimes I forget how much I love to eat corn, and when it’s been awhile, re-visiting the taste of corn is such a treat. This summer, Leo and I fell in love with the combination of corn + thyme. Our friends & family loved it too, judging by how quickly it disappeared!

– Fresh corn on the cob (1 cob is good for 1 person, methinks)
– thyme leaves
– salt
– pepper
– butter

– tin foil
– brush (to scrub silk off the corn, but you can just use your hands and rub the silk off)

Easy recipes are so fun to share! Here we go…
Peel off husk of corn. Snap off any remaining corn stalk.
Use a brush, to scrub off the silk that is attached to the kernels.
Now you have options, how do you want to serve the cob? You can snap it into thirds or halves, or serve it whole. Literally, just take your strong hands and snap the corn into however many pieces you desire.

Place the corn on a piece of tin foil.
Rub some butter on to the corn, and sprinkle salt, pepper and thyme as well. Wrap in tin foil, and place on the BBQ.
Grill for 10 minutes, flip over, and grill for another 10 min.

There you have it, yum! Corn on the cob, COMPLETE!